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Bailiff services

Our Western Australia office provides the Bailiff services for the Southern Zone of Western Australia.

This includes Assistant Bailiffs, Sheriff’s Officers and Service Agents to the Western Australian Department of the Attorney-General and the Department of Transport.

Bailiff and Field services deliver documents, undertake legal process serving and enforce court orders in Perth and regional Western Australia for Coastal Central, Central, Eastern, South West Perth (metro) and Southern regions. 

Baycorp also offers private field processing services. Contact one of our customer service representatives to find out more about this service.   

Field Services, either via the Bailiff Service issued from the Magistrates Courts of Western Australia, via the Sheriff’s Office or simply just general process serving can be confusing if the process is not understood completely.  

To learn more about: 
- Bailiff Services (Civil)
- Fines Enforcement Registry matter
- General process serving and field calls

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Alternatively please contact us on 1300 700 397 or read our frequently asked questions.

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