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Debt resolution

We make contact with your overdue customers to maximise recoveries.

Our teams are highly skilled in managing debts across all industry sectors including banking and finance, telco, utility, and government. Using analytically driven collection strategies from high volume dialling campaigns to individual case management, we work with you to design the best path to resolution. Our products and services offering covers the entire debt life cycle from early arrears through to post charge-off.

Debt collection methods

We make contact with your overdue customers and with an aim of recovering the maximum amount in the shortest time frame. Taking in account the nature of the debt, its age and size, and the particulars of your customer, we agree and apply an appropriate recovery strategy. We use every available method to establish contact and seek resolution – telephone, letter, email, SMS, visits by field agents and if necessary legal enforcement.

We work with all businesses

We work with businesses in all sectors and all sizes. We have specialist teams focused on servicing large businesses, government, corporate as well as small to medium enterprises.

Improve cash flow and profitability

We improve your debt recovery rates, free up your internal resources to focus on your core activities enhancing cash flow and profitability. You still own the debt and we act as your agent to recover the outstanding funds. These are held on your behalf in an audited trust account with cleared funds remitted to you as per your requirement. Charges can be flat fees or performance based commission.