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Our local experts have the skill and knowledge to help you resolve your debt, not only that, they also have an understanding of your local business area.

Jeff is a local who has lived in Rotorua for 23 years, working for Baycorp just as long.

Being on the ground in Rotorua enables him to personally assist local businesses in the area for debt resolution and credit management in a more hands on role than offered anywhere else. Jeff’s role with Baycorp involves new business, account management for current clients, and credit management advice.

Jeff loves being able to help businesses and individuals resolve problems. He has clients come to see him who are desperate to achieve results for the survival of their business and he finds his ability to assist rewarding.

He also enjoys helping businesses protect themselves against the weight and worry of bad debts before it becomes an issue for them. Jeff explains “As I say to clients, please don't tear your own hair out over a problem, I don't mind as I don't have much left anyway!”


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